What we do

Our mision is best in The Transport!

Pantos Express Logistics (LLE) is an international logistic and transportation company, specialized in freight forwarding transportation and warehousing. LLE goes well beyond with a global presence in over 65 countries and territories and our tireless pioneer spirit when it comes to new markets. We also offer a range of logistics solutions – from mission-critical express deliveries to economical freight transportation, taking the complexity out of customs to managing the complexity of global supply chains and everything in between.

Why Choose us

Fast Worldwide delivery

We know how expensive time can be, so we have you covered.

Safety & Compliance

We offer logistic solutions which meet all international regulations.

Our Skills

10 years of experience in Logistics services

Logistic Services

Our Services

Cargo Transportation

Delivery of any freight from one place to another quickly, to save you cost and valuable time.

Ground Transport

Ground transportation options for all requests, no matter your needs, schedule or destination. Our trucks are top notch!

Air Freight

LLE is a leader in global air freight forwarding & tailored transportation, world wide

Ocean Freight

Assuring Ocean Freight which is vital to transportation and supply chain solutions.

Packaging & Storage

We package and store your things securely to make sure they are well preserved in state of the art storage facilities.


Effective and secure warehousing in state of the art warehousing facilities, all around the globe.